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Vision, experience and proximity

Multiple Global Design SA was founded in 1979 in the atmosphere of the watchmaking industry, stimulated by the taste of innovation and the pursuit of well-made products. In order to create diversity, long time relations were formed in the field of leisure products (Salomon, Babolat, Commodore) the computer industry (Olympia, Matra, Texas-Instruments) and in the field of communication (France-Telecom/Alcatel, Thomson).

Today Multiple stands for more than 200 clients and more than 500 products on the market. Multiple is more than 25 personalities and different cultures, passionate about industrial design. Multiple is one of the rare design studios practicing a prospective approach in order to open the window to tomorrow’s products.

Multiple masters the whole range of tools and processes required for the introduction of a product from the first ideas to the expression of concepts and their development. Multiple uses state of the art means of communication, from sketch to 3D animation through CAD, computer rendering and prototyping, perfectly representing the final product.

Today Multiple is the biggest Swiss design agency dedicated to industrial design. Multiple is sensitive to the changes in our world and aspires to responsible design and coherence with the constraints of the present.

Multiple is honoured and obliged to have gained the trust of major companies such as Nestlé, Mettler-Toledo, Biomerieux and GF Agie Charmilles, each one a leader in their field and market.




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A selection of our clients

  • Client_0000_Alcatel
  • Client_0001_Nestle-BabyNes
  • Client_0002_Biomerieux
  • Client_0003_Cartier
  • Client_0039_Cliris
  • Client_0004_Dolce-Gusto
  • Client_0037_Femtoprint
  • Client_0005_Flytec
  • Client_0006_France-Telecom
  • Client_0008_Calque-1
  • Client_0009_Jura
  • Client_0010_KEM
  • Client_0011_Laurastar
  • Client_0012_LeCroy
  • Client_0013_Leki
  • Client_0014_Longines
  • Client_0015_Loterie-Romande
  • Client_0038_LSInstruments
  • Client_0016_Mettler
  • Client_0018_Midland
  • Client_0019_Nescafe
  • Client_0020_Nespresso
  • Client_0021_Nestle
  • Client_0022_Nestle-Professional
  • Client_0023_Olympia
  • Client_0024_Parker
  • Client_0025_Pierre-Cardin
  • Client_0040_Recomatic
  • Client_0026_Salomon
  • Client_0029_Selecta
  • Client_0030_Serono
  • Client_0027_Schlumberger
  • Client_0028_Schneider
  • Client_0031_Siemens
  • Client_0032_TaylorMade
  • Client_0033_Texas-Instruments
  • Client_0034_Thomson
  • Client_0035_Tissot
  • Client_0036_Zyliss


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